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I like to have conversations with authors, artists, and people who work in creative fields about creativity to discover their common traits and what, if anything, is different. I’d also like to discover what creative practices could be used by people who don’t consider themselves artists or creative in the traditional sense and how creative thinking is fundamental to growth and creation in all aspects of life.

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Creativity in the time of Corona

I hope you are keeping well and safe, and, of course, yourself to yourself.

Tom Molloy, Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Trinity College Dublin, chats about being creative in the latest interview:

I think artists should leave responsibility to others; teachers, parents, the gardai. There are enough people in the world who happily step into that (rather easy) role. The challenge is produce something interesting or beautiful or meaningful. To hold a mirror to society and hold society to account.

You can read the full interview here.

I hope that creativity is still surviving in your life. I’m trying to find inspiration in my now very small world (easier said than done!) but isn’t it usually with constraints that creativity blooms?