Literary Journal

I co-founded The Sigh Press Literary Journal in Florence (Italy) in April 2014, with book artist, painter & writer Lyall Harris. A quarterly online journal featuring poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction and art, it ran until December 2019, when we published the 23rd and final issue.

The journal shone a light on the wealth of creative writers of English and visual artists living in or passing through Tuscany–something we believed was important to both encourage and publish.


Some comments from our contributors on the end of the journal:

Although the cypress may not last long
Its shadow remains in our hearts.

— Charles Halsted, writer.

You will probably find there is no finish line
Just a change of gait.

— Kevin Harper, writer.

Though endings sadden the hell out of me, they almost always prove a mere transition toward something new. Heartfelt applause and thanks to Lyall and Mundy for all they’ve done. I can’t wait to see the next bright creature that will surely emerge after a little rest in the chrysalis.

— Jeff Shapiro, writer.

The Sigh Press zips its witty lip?
But *****???
Apostrophe’s Tuscan Accent non è più?
–Dash–of–poetry, Comma’s pauses,,,,,,,
(((((Bracketed away)?
No!!!!!!! We’ll still know where to find them.
A thousand thank-yous, Mundy, Lyall,
all you writers, artists. Let’s just call this an ellipsis…

Alex Josephy, poet.

In the end, it was enough,
Enough to have shared.
Happily, they everly

Paula McGrath, writer.

To read one of the 22 issues or 14 interviews, please visit The Sigh Press.